Partners & Investors


The quality services we offer allowed us to develop partnerships with recognized health professionals:


Since 01 of September 2016, Gene Predictis is PRIMEO Partner of Helsana Groupe. PRIMEO is an innovative supplementary healthcare cover that provides with optimum benefits for outpatient treatments:  a free choice of doctor, a great deal of comfort and privacy, as well as attractive additional benefits such as check-ups, high-quality implants, innovative diagnostics and treatment, etc.

Gene Predictis genetic tests Pill Protect® and Cypass® are reimbursed by PRIMEO cover, as innovative dignostic tools.






















We are always interested in developping new partnerships:

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Gene Predictis was initially financed by founders assets together with our company’s sales. This strategy allowed us to build:

In 2015, the company closed its first financing to support launch of one of the lead products, Pill Protect. To expand in new markets and develop further our innovative products, we are looking for investors willing to share Gene Predictis’ success story.

If you want to participate in this development contact us.

Predictive medicine inferred from genetics