Molecular Oncology

Our laboratory offers molecular oncology testing services to physicians and pathologists.

We offer numerous diagnostic services, such as:


Molecular Microbiology

Our authorized molecular microbiology laboratory offers the analyses needed in routine gynecology and urology practice.

The main laboratory expertise includes:

Turnaround time varies by test from one to several days.

Please check our GP_Demande d’analyse microbiologie.


R&D services

We offer a high-throughput cost-effective genotyping platform and our know-how in genetics that was already proven in several clinical studies run by academic and private company parteners, as well as our own study.

The main technology is QuantStudio from Thermofisher Scientific:

With this technology single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis is rapid and efficient. Contact us for any futher details and study design.


Predictive medicine inferred from genetics